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“One of the important catalysts probably could be that I was a CFO for so many organizations, and I did so many good things. But unfortunately, I could not become a CFO to my own house. So that’s the time I realized that whatever expertise, whatever knowledge that I’m carrying, I could not actually pass on to my family. That was one of the reasons I thought, ‘let me take a break and start something on my own.’ And when I left Reliance, I didn’t have anything in mind.”

Devarajan Venkat is the CEO of Archis Management Advisors, LLP, a private equity and strategic advisory firm headquartered in Mumbai, India. He’s also the author of the fast-selling corporate thriller, “Entruppted.”  He’s a mentor to many entrepreneurs around the globe and investor in select companies. His past experience includes being CFO at two of the leading media companies of India, Reliance Group and Balaji Telefilm. 

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