Where Entrepreneurship is Interrupted

find your own non-fictional story in this fictional work.

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Where Entrepreneurship is Interrupted

Radhika Narayan is missing.

The road to the entrepreneurial pinnacle is fraught with blocks which she had never imagined nor bargained for. She was ready to pay the price, but others were also striving to win their individual battles at any cost or consequence. Ultimately, who will succeed?

This is the story of the corporate breed who are blinded by the web of official needs and their personal greed. Everyone is a hunter in this corporate jungle: A grey jungle where the hunter may not be the winner and the hunted need not be the loser. So, who is the culprit?

Enjoy the thriller moments as you try to unfold this corporate mystery. You may even find your own non-fictional story in this fictional work.


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“Entruppted is a fictional take on the corporate world with enough plot twists to qualify as a thriller”

Bombay Times

Well written story with adequate business and financial detailing. I read the book at one go since it held my interest. Looking forward to the next book by this first time author.

Lakshmi Shenoy, entrepreneur

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading Entruppted. It’s very well written. Best wishes for the book’s success!!!”

Narayanan, private equity fund manager

A good read which holds your attention till the end. Excellent for a first time author. I am sure there will be a sequel to this one soon.

Suresh, partner, Big Four

“Nice plot, great story, lucid language. The author has a smooth free flowing style of writing. Enjoyed. ”

Dr. Alpa Thakkar

Finished Entruppted at one go yesterday. The flow is superb and the anxiety levels of what happens next is beautifully maintained. Story line is gripping!

Rajaram, DGM, private bank

It was a nice read. And the chapter sequence keeps you guessing. Well done and looking forward for more.

Harsh, Asst.Manager, Deloitte