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"Dev was accredited with the nomination for CNBC CFO of the year in 2006. He was also on the cover of CFO India in 2010, as one of the leading CFOs of India.”


Devarajan Venkat

Devarajan Venkat (Dev) was born in Kerala but grew up in Mumbai in a Tam Bram family. Academic pursuits and corporate rat race consumed the first innings of his life. He launched his second innings with a debut novel Entruppted which is a fictional account of non-fictional experiences.

Whenever he is not caught up with the writing bug, he mentors entrepreneurs across the globe; by validating their thoughts and ideas. For a select few, he carves out a smooth road map of growth through the corporate jungle. He considers himself fortunate to get an opportunity to change the lives of some entrepreneurs who have attained an exit to glory.

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Where Entrepreneurship is Interrupted

Radhika Narayan is missing.

The road to the entrepreneurial pinnacle is fraught with blocks which she had never imagined nor bargained for. She was ready to pay the price, but others were also striving to win their individual battles at any cost or consequence. Ultimately, who will succeed?

This is the story of the corporate breed who are blinded by the web of official needs and their personal greed.

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AB c of Management

(written in 2007 for Film Street Journal by Devarajan Venkat)  Film industry is one of the latest entrants into Corporate India and obviously is at a nascent stage of adopting itself to the corporate jargons, theories, practices and strategies. But it will be interesting to know that Hindi Film industry (Bollywood) is one of the…